An island in the heart of Milan

Sicily is my land, but Milan has stolen my heart.

In Milan, I have chosen to build an identity of respect, ambition and desire to experiment. This is the secret of Terrammare: a bridge that connects Sicilian and Milanese souls.

Stefania Lattuca

I have made my passion for cooking and catering my mission in life.

After professional experiences in Sicily and an intense collaboration with Eataly in its various Italian locations, I attended the Food Event Manager course organized by Identità Golose, which turned out to be a fundamental experience for the opening of my restaurant in Brera, the beating heart of Milan. A corner of Sicily, in via Giuseppe Sacchi 8.

Terrammare is a dream come true: the thrill of being on top of the boot, with roots still firmly rooted in our land and sea to narrate an identity made of memory, games, experiences, ambition and passion. I wanted a place of my own in Milan, where I could best express the Sicilian tradition, made of empathy and humanity.”

Stefania Lattuca

Contemporary sicilian cuisine

Our offering is based on a grounded and tasty cuisine in which flavors and emotions blend. That is why we choose every day high quality raw materials, giving ample space to the new Sicilian agricultural recovery.

Only in this way our guests can find a corner of Sicily in the dishes they choose to taste.

The wine cellar

Every good dish deserves a worthy pairing. Our wine list features most of the Sicilian wine scene, with special attention to small up-and-coming producers and biodynamic realities that also excel internationally.

The offering is complemented by a selection of bubbles, including sparkling wines and champagnes, and by a section devoted to other Italian regions and foreign wines.

Giada Botarelli

The best smiles are of those who put passion into their work!

Here is our young Chef Giada Botarelli, who has given a creative twist to the menu with new dishes ranging from the Sicilian traditions to International cuisine offerings.

The location

In Brera to discover Sicilian hospitality

Terrammare comes to life, among reclaimed cement tiles from ancient Sicilian residences and modern microcement flooring.

A place of timeless charm, where also the interiors speak of our island. As in the case of the wooden tables made of olive ash, which refer to the love of nature typical of Sicilian culture.

The “Trinacria” is also in the setting of the table, laid in an essential way to enhance the textural effect of wood, iron and teal. A juxtaposition that ideally echoes the colors of the Mediterranean and the encounter between land and sea that gives the restaurant its name.

From the materials to our staff in the kitchen and dining room, everything is 100 percent Sicilian. We believe there can be no better way for our guests to discover that Sicily is actually not that far away.